Sciatic Nerve Block


A) Parasacral Approach: Complete review with anatomical referencies, probe position, sonoanatomy and needling.

B) Subgluteal Approach: Great video with a simple explanation of full technique. 

C) Anterior Approach: An excellent option. Use an IP approach

D) Anterior Approach: Very clear sonoanatomy, including longitudinal view of the sciatic nerve. 

E) Anterior Approach: The best description of this technique. All in 5 mins.

F) Popliteal Approach: Simultaneous videos of probe position and ultrasound view.

A) Parasacral Approach
Source: Ultrasoundblock
B) Subgluteal Approach
Source: ThePainSource
C) Anterior Approach
D) Anterior Approach
Source: Nerveblocks
E) Anterior Approach
Source: Vicente Roqués
F) Popliteal Approach