Francisco Javier Durán Martínez

Clinical Name: JAVIER DURÁN

Portugal Medical Licence 42612

Specialty: Anesthesiology

Category: Specialist

Age: 35 years

Phone: 00351-917004115

E- mail: 



Currently works as an Anesthesiologist in the Anesthesiology Department, in Garcia de Orta Hospital (HGO), in Almada-Lisbon, since May 2010. 

Works in the Chronic Pain Department of Garcia de Orta Hospital, where focuses his practice in the interventional treatment, performing techniques under ultrasound guidance.

Also works, regularly in different hospitals in Lisbon: British Hospital, St. Louis, Cuf Infante Santo, Cuf Alvalade, Hospital Particular de Almada, Clinica de São João de Deus , Clinica St. Louis-Campo Grande. 


Curriculum Vitae Resume -

- Bachelor of Medicine in the University of Salamanca, Spain, with recognized tittle by the College of Doctors (Ordem dos Médicos) of Portugal.

- Began the Anesthesiology formation after the ‘Internato Complementar’ Exam (with 73%) in the Curry Cabral Hospital, in September 2005.

- Got the tittle of Specialist in Anesthesiology (with 19.1/20 points) in February 2010.

- Aproval of the European Diploma of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care (Part I) in September 2009.


Published several scientific papers (as first author):

- Javier Duran, Sandra Carvalho , Manuela Botelho. "Accidental Intravenous Administration of Epinephrine: Case Report and Literature Review." Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Anestesia. SPA Vol.18 , No. 4 . 2009 . Pp. 19-21.

- Javier Durán, Rafael Blanco. " Regional blocks of the distal lower limb guided by ultrasound ." Revista do CAR (Clube de Anestesia Regional) . Year XIX, March 2012. Chapter 67 . Pp. 29-39 .


Participation in the writing of several anesthesiology books:

- Co-editor of the book ‘Quick Guide of Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia’ with Rafael Blanco and Teresa Parras. November 2012.

- ‘Manual da 2ª edição do ‘Curso de Sonoanatomia aplicada ao bloqueio de nervos periféricos’. Clube de Anestesia Regional. April 2013.

- ‘Updating Course in Anesthesiology 2012’ - writing of the chapter ‘Ultrasound loco-regional anesthesia for the lower limb´.

- Co-author of the published paper PECS BLOCK in ANESTHESIA TUTORIAL OF THE WEEK. World Societies Anesthesiologists Federation.


Given his special interest in the loco-regional anesthesia techniques under ultrasound guidance, decided to reinforce his formation with several courses and international rotations:

- Practical Course of Peripheral Nerve Blocks - II EditionProf. Dr. Fernando Fonseca Hospital. Amadora (Portugal)20 to 24 April 2009.

- Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Rotation .‘FREMAP Hospital’. Madrid (Spain).1-30 November 2009.

- Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Rotation. ‘Lewisham Hospital’. London. (England) .1 to 30 April 2010.

- ‘Curso andaluz de sonoanatomía’. Granada and Jaén (Spain)20-21 Maio 2011 .

- Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Rotation. ‘Abente y Lago Hospital’, La Coruña (Spain) 24-28 Outubro 2011.

- ‘VI Advanced Course in Interventional Techniques For Chronic Pain, IV Symposium Updates In Chronic Pain - Ten Topics’, Tenerife (Spain). 21 to 23 Novembro 2013.


Active participation in the teaching of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, in the courses:

- Post-Graduate Course of Specialization in Regional Anesthesia (Advanced), 1st Edition; 14 October-18 December 2010. Theory and practice formation for anesthesiologists.

- 'The future of ultrasound in anesthesiology'. Tertúlias de Anestesia. Viseu (Portugal) 27-30 October 2011 . Oral Comunication .

- Post-Graduate Course of Specialization in Regional Anesthesia (Advanced), 2nd Edition. 19-23 September 2011. Theory and practice formation for anesthesiologists. Trainer Course in peripheral nerve blocks. 2nd edition. Braga (Portugal). 11 -13 April 2013. Theory and practice formation in humans, animals and cadavers.

- Was a trainer of other colleagues, specialits from Mozambique, in their course of Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia, during a period of three months, in Hospital Garcia de Orta, a partnership with Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in October - Dezember 2012.

- Coordinator and trainer of important courses of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia:'ECOASTOR: Course of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and Ultrasound: Hands on'. Universidade Católica de Lisboa. 24-25 de Janeiro 2013.

- Trainer Course in Peripheral nerves blocks. 3rd Ed. Braga. 12 to 14 de December 2013. Theory and practice formation in humans, animals and cadavers.

- 'ECOASTOR 2014: Course of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine and Ultrasound: Hands on'. Faculdade de Medicina Dentária. Lisboa. 30-31 January 2014.

- Founder and Editor-in-Chief of “Echoanesthesia Today” in April 2013: A website designed to teach ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, with a selection of the best videos on line, international experts opinions, comments about the latest papers and the possibility of sharing pictures and videos. (


Teaching of other aspects of anesthesia:

- Fundamental Critical Care Suport courses (FCCS), in Hospital Garcia de Orta (Almada) and in Hospital Fernando Fonseca (Amadora) in 2011.

- Oral comunication: ‘The air-way approach’, in 2009.


Several works in national and international congresses.

-  'Cornélia de Lange Syndrome: anesthetic implications'. Poster presented in ‘O Norte da Anestesia’. Porto, 21 and 22 November 2008.

- 'Hypertension in young adults: How healthy are they?'. Poster presented in the ‘10th Congress of the World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine’. August 28-1 September 2009. Florence (Italy).

- 'Case-by-case analysis of the One Day Surgery Unit of the Curry Cabral Hospital.' Poster presented in 'V National Congress of Ambulatory Surgery’. Porto. 19 to 21 May 2008 .

- 'Emergency Medicine: a sucessful case of an extra-hospital cardio-respiratory resucitation'. Poster presented in 'Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Anesthesiology'. Porto. 13-14 March 2009.

- 'The role of the Regional Anesthesia in an Ambulatory Surgery Unit'. Oral comunication in the '33rd Saturday of Regional Anesthesia. Clube de Anestesia Regional. Hospital Curry Cabral.' Lisboa. April 19, 2008.

- 'Mea Culpa'. Poster presented in the Bioethics Meeting in the Santo André Hospital. Leiria. 30 November-1 December, 2007.

- 'Paraverthebral Blocks for thoracic and breast surgery’. Oral presentation. Cascais. 'Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Anestesiologia'. 15-17 March 2013.

- Simposium in ‘Regional Anesthesia for shoulder surgery’ and ‘Regional Anesthesia for breast surgery’. 'Congresso Nacional do Clube de Anestesia Regional' (CAR). 10 to 11 de May 2013. 


Other medical activities:

- Pre-hospital emergencies (Viatura Emergência e Reanimação-VMER). Hospital Curry Cabral (2007-2008) .

- Emergency service in the British Hospital, Lisbon. (2008-2010) .

Specialist Anaesthetist.

Garcia de Orta Hospital.

Almada-Lisboa. Portugal.



2010 - present

2010 - present