New block: Semilunar



Pay attention to this video recently added to Echoanesthesia Today. Show you a new approach to block the abdominal wall. Very similar to other classic blocks but... let´s go to discover something new everyday! 

Ultrasound-guided Caudal Block



Hugo Trindade MD talks about advantages and problems related to this technique, when used in pediatric population. A great option for some surgeries, like piloric estenosis treatment. 


Ecoastor 2014: Acute Pain & Chronic Pain & Ultrasound



The second edition of the first course about Pain Medicine and Ultrasound in Portugal. 16 hours learning from experts in this area. Everybody is HANDS ON the most of the time...




Test your level: The last question...


In which surgeries the superficial cervical plexus block is not recommended?

A) Shoulder surgery

B) Laryngectomy

C) Thyroidectomy

D) Carotid endarterectomy

Sonoanatomy Course.
Clube de anestesia regional.
Braga, Portugal.
Echoanesthesia Today was there, too... One of the best courses of sonoanatomy in Europe. Almost three days of hands on cadavers dissections, training in anesthetised pigs and human models.



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video pediatric anesthesia animation
Sensational video for children
about regional anesthesia
Congratulations to the coordenator Dr Clara Lobo and her group CAR/ESRA Portugal. 



video pediatric anesthesia animation
The Sonoanatomy Lesson
21st century





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Source: NYSORA
Echoanesthesia Today. Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia
Spock Dermatomes
Which would be the safer approach to an ISC block? Regional Anaesthesia @ESRA_Society    
Source: EchoanesthesiaToday - YouTube 



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Professor of anatomy funny and his tricks





Don´t let it happen again!
Mark & doble-check!
Source: Regional Anaesthesia @ESRA_Society



Spock Dermatomes
At home? Yes it is!. Continuous peripheral nerve blocks at home.
Source: Chris Glover- YouTube 





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Quadratus lumborum block Sonography: The puzzle!.
 Source: Javier Durán
Echoanesthesia Today. Ultrasound-guided Regional Anesthesia
The future is here. More human. More friendly.
Source: Sonic Eye





Echo & Phone. It´s closer...
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