Have you heard about the adductor canal block? Choose the right sentence about this block:


A) It is a variant of the obturator nerve block

B) Provides effective analgesia with less motor block

C) The main landmark of this block is the popliteal artery

D) The tourniquet and ambulation increases the block duration





The adductor canal block is a variant of the femoral nerve block.

The main landmark to find the femoral nerves is the superficial femoral artery at medial thigh, between sartorius, vastus medialis and adductor longus muscles. The Local Anesthetic (LA) should be injected around the artery.

This block provides an effective analgesia for total knee arthroplasty, with less motor block of the quadriceps muscle, which allows earlier rehabilitation.

However, a single shot blockade have shorter duration than femoral nerve block performed at the inguinal crease because: use of tourniquet during the surgery will spread the LA over a larger area, increasing the surface area for absorption; and early postoperative ambulation will increase blood flow, speeding its movement and absorption away from the femoral nerve. For these reasons, a perineural catheter can be valuable.



Source: The Student Doctor Network